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Sharks Ice at San Jose

Address:1500 South Tenth Street
San Jose, CA  95112
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Ice Surfaces:10 surfaces: Center, Center-1, Center-2, East, East-1, East-2, North, North-1, North-2, and South
CenterJust inside the main entrance.
Center-1Center Rink, split surface 1
Center-2Center Rink, split surface 2
EastFrom the main entrance, go straight ahead past the Center surface.
East-1East Rink, split surface 1
East-2East Rink, split surface 2
NorthFrom the main entrance, go through the double doors on your left past the snack bar.
North-1North Rink, split surface 1
North-2North Rink, split surface 2
SouthFrom the main entrance, turn right and go through the door on the far side of the Center surface.
Officials' Changing Area:Located in the connector between the North and East rinks.
Leagues Served:CAHA Adult
California Amateur Hockey Assn
Northern California Junior Hockey Assn
Sharks High School Hockey League
Sharks Ice Adult Hockey League (San Jose)
Sharks/Barracudas Pre-Post Games

The goal creases are painted in the NHL style. However, games following USA Hockey rules are expected to ignore these markings and act as if a standard USA Hockey semicircular crease were painted.

During construction over summer 2018, see the below map for accessing the building:

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