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Sharks Ice at San Jose

Address:1500 South Tenth Street
San Jose, CA  95112
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Ice Surfaces:10 surfaces: Center, Center-1, Center-2, East, East-1, East-2, North, North-1, North-2, and South
CenterJust inside the main entrance.
Center-1Center Rink, split surface 1
Center-2Center Rink, split surface 2
EastFrom the main entrance, go straight ahead past the Center surface.
East-1East Rink, split surface 1
East-2East Rink, split surface 2
NorthFrom the main entrance, go through the double doors on your left past the snack bar.
North-1North Rink, split surface 1
North-2North Rink, split surface 2
SouthFrom the main entrance, turn right and go through the door on the far side of the Center surface.
Officials' Changing Area:Located in the connector between the North and East rinks.

The goal creases are painted in the NHL style. However, games following USA Hockey rules are expected to ignore these markings and act as if a standard USA Hockey semicircular crease were painted.

During construction over summer 2018, see the below map for accessing the building:

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