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Pay Rates and Fines

Officials' Game Fees
As of August 1, 2019
Level Fee
IHONC Rating: *New  1   2   ***3   ***4 **5 **6
Bay Area: $25 $30 $34 $39 $41.15 $43.30 $45.45
STAHL:   $30 $33 $36 $37 $38.50 $40
* New Officials only - under 26 games worked.
** Levels 5 and 6 IHONC officials must be USA Hockey Level 3.
*** Levels 3 and 4 IHONC officials must be USA Hockey Level 2 or Higher.
STYHL:   Youth (under 18) $15, Adults working youth games $25.

solo ref gets 1½ normal pay (only if scheduler contacted prior to first game) (normal pay only if game is canceled)
College 4-man: $125 Ref, $85 Line
3-man: $125 Ref, $85 Line
games starting between 10pm and 6am, add $10 per official
18u AAA $75 ref, $55 line
18u AA $54 ref, $39 line
16u AAA $65 ref, $45 line
18u A or High School Varsity $50 ref, $37 line
16u AA $54 ref, $39 line
16u A or High School JV $50 ref, $37 line
14u AAA $52 ref, $38 line
19u Girls $50 ref, $37 line
14u AA $48 ref, $34 line
14u A $42 ref, $28 line
14u B or
15u Girls
$42 ref, $28 line
12u AAA $46 ref, $32 line
12u AA $42 ref, $28 line
12u A $34 ref, $26 line
12u BB $34 ref, $26 line
12u B $34 ref, $26 line
12u Girls $34 ref, $26 line
10u A $32 ref, $24 line
10u B or
10u Girls
$32 ref, $24 line
8u 30 minutes - $15, 60 minutes - $24
8u (Livermore) 30 minutes - $14, 60 minutes - $23
2-man Both officials receive referee pay
Last Minute Accepting an unsolicited (requesting) game assignment within 24 hours of the game, add $10.
3-3 or 4-4 cross ice For games 30 minutes or less: $14 for Youth Officials, $16 for Adult Officials - No mileage, and no short notice pay. Adult overnight games starting between 1am to 6am will be paid $20/game.
3-3 adult league (Livermore) $35 ($45 if only one game is scheduled by the league)
Mileage Mileage is paid to officials 16 years of age and older only.

NorCal youth games: $0.58 per mile for trips in excess of 30 miles round trip (measured from the closest rink to the official's home)

San Jose tournaments: $50/day for officials from S. Lake Tahoe and Fresno; $25/day for officials from Santa Rosa, Vacaville, Roseville, and Stockton; $10/day for other officials traveling more than 60 miles round trip; one day's pay only if tournament is also paying for a hotel room.

Other youth tournaments: Mileage will be paid as a $20 flat rate per day for eligable officials.

Mileage reimbursements are intended to incent senior and experienced officials to travel to differing locations for a variety of purposes. It offers clubs the ability to have different officials referee their teams' games. It offers officials the chance to visit different venues and see different teams and players outside their local area. It provides the organization with developmental opportunities at higher levels while providing officials the incentive to spend more time on the weekends "on the road."

When assignments are provided as an accommodation for officials for personal reasons, or for youth officials, who because of playing schedules have limited availability, mileage is not billed to the clubs and paid to the officials. The clubs must incur the cost of travel. If they do not receive benefit from the officials' traveling to their rink, it is not reasonable to expect them to pay for it. As these expenses increase, it further escalates the costs of youth playing hockey and could potentially make the sport unaffordable for some.

The IHONC scheduler will make the final decision on whether or not mileage will be reimbursed.

Norcal Playoffs Norcal youth playoff games will pay 150% the normal pay rate for the level. However, no mileage will be paid for these games.
Rink Cancelations If one or more games are canceled due to an "act of god" (power outage, bad ice, etc), unless you are not notified in advance, if you show up to work, you will be paid for the first assigned game. If you were scheduled for more than one game, and are told before the start time of the second game that subsequent games are canceled, then you will only be paid for the first game. If the rink asks you to wait beyond the start time of a subsequent game in hopes that the problem will be resolved and the subsequent games will be played, then you will be paid for each time slot that you are asked to remain on-site for.

For example, if you are scheduled for 3 games in Oakland, and show up, to be informed that the ice is bad, and that all games for the night are canceled, then you will be paid for the first game only. If instead, they ask you to wait until the start time of the third game to see if the ice can be repaired, then you would be paid for the first and second games. If the third game is then canceled, you would only be paid for the third game if they ask you to wait into the time slot for it in hopes of starting late, but still playing the game.

Note: The intent of this policy is to fairly compensate officials, while still being cooperative with our partner leagues when disasters happen. Lost ice is disappointing to players, and quite expensive for the leagues. IHONC expects member officials to be understanding of this, and to work with rink staff in these cases. (Remember, you ARE still getting paid for the first 90 minutes in all cases. Be professional!).

Note: Only the IHONC scheduler is authorized to assign officials to IHONC games. If you officiate an IHONC game for which you are not formally scheduled, you may not be paid. See Scheduling Process for more detail.

Missed Games first time Game fee
twice within 90 days Double game fee
three or more Disciplinary Committee
Leaving Early except emergency, injury Forfeit game fee
Late for Game no replacement $20 fine
with replacement Replacement finishes game and is paid game fee. If replaced for multiple games, late official forfeits them all.
Definition "Late" is after the warmup begins, but still arriving within the first 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, it's considered a "missed game" (see above).
Out of Uniform arm bands in 2-official system $5
Failure to File Incident Report first time$10
second time½ game fee
third timeentire game fee
fourth timeDisciplinary Committee
Canceling or Declining Game more than 72 hours before game $5 fine
less than 72 hours before game $10 fine
less than 48 hours before game $15 fine
less than 24 hours before game $20 fine
No Fine for Cancellation:
  • if the official cannot work because of an injury sustained while officiating a prior game
  • if the official's playing schedule conflicts with the official's assignment, as long as the conflicting schedule was published after IHONC availability was due (IHONC-scheduled games only)
  • if the assignment does not fit within the official's availability and game preferences specified on the web site
Cancellation fines will not be waived for illness and non-officiating injuries, due to past abuses of the policy.
Note: Cancellations must be confirmed by scheduler, otherwise they count as no-shows. Within 72 hours of game, cancel by calling scheduler (adult games: 1-925-352-5203; youth games: 650-208-4820). Otherwise, cancel by email to the scheduler (adult games:; youth games: Please do not attempt to arrange for another official to take your place, since you may not be aware of key information needed to choose a proper substitute. (It would not save you the game cancellation fine in any case.) Let the IHONC scheduler arrange for a substitute.
Playoffs and Tournaments All fines doubled.
The IHONC scheduler will make the final decision on all fines based on these general policies, the official's prior history, and the details of the specific incident.
If you have any questions about these tables, please contact the IHONC president, Todd Llewellyn.

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