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IHONC Policies

IHONC officials must understand and agree to the following policies:
Independent Contractors While officials are contracted to perform services by IHONC, acting on behalf of its partner leagues, their function is by definition independent and the officials have complete control of the contests they officiate.

As independent contractors, officials are responsible for their own working schedules (through submittal of their availability on this web site); their own equipment and uniforms; their own insurance; and their own transportation and expenses associated with officiating. IHONC registered officials are deemed "Independent Contractors" who are contracted to perform a specific task. The official is an independent contractor who offers services and is not an employee of IHONC or its partner leagues. The official is not eligible for unemployment compensation, disability, or workman's compensation benefits, and neither IHONC nor its partner leagues are liable for the independent contractor's actions.

Officials with IHONC income greater than the IRS's threshold will receive an IRS Form 1099-MISC. As independent contractors, IHONC officials are not guaranteed game assignments.
Pay Rates and Fines See table.
Pay Schedule IHONC pays its officials monthly. IHONC guarantees that you will receive pay for all games worked in a calendar month by the end of the following month, if you are on direct deposit (hard copy checks paid one week later). However, we pay the officials once we receive payment from our leagues. There are occasions that payments are delayed by 5-7 days if the leagues have not paid us. For example, you will receive your direct deposit by the end of May for all games worked in April, and hard copy checks the first week into June for games worked in April. Again, payments will be made sooner if we receive payment from our leagues early.
Training and Preparation
Off-Ice Training IHONC makes four off-ice training seminars available to its officials each year, when possible. All IHONC officials are required to attend at least one of these seminars, which are free of charge. Any official who does not to attend at least one seminar during the year will not be scheduled IHONC games for one year.
Skating Training IHONC makes three on-ice power skating classes available to its officials each year, free of charge. All IHONC officials who work at least 40 games in a year are required to attend at least one of these seminars. (Non-IHONC power skating classes do not count.) Those who do not will be dropped from IHONC for the following year. IHONC will waive officials skating requirements if they donate their time to youth tryouts arranged by IHONC.
Rule Knowledge IHONC officials are responsible for knowing and enforcing USA Hockey rules and the league-specific rules for the games they work. These rules are all posted on this web site.
On the Ice
Scheduling Process The IHONC scheduling process and policies are described here.
Safety IHONC officials are expected to follow USA Hockey guidelines for officials' equipment, and to set a good example for players with respect to the use of protective equipment. In particular, helmets must be worn at all times while on the ice.
Uniform IHONC officials are expected to wear a proper official's uniform as defined by USA Hockey. The appropriate crest must be worn for each game: ACHA crest for college games, USA Hockey crest for USA Hockey games, and no crest for non-USA Hockey games. Also note, arm bands must be worn only by the referee in a 3-official system; they must not be worn in a 2-official system. In addition, the provided helmet number must be worn on your helmet for all IHONC games.

Failure to wear proper uniform can result in suspension.

Score Sheets Officials are required to review scoresheets for accuracy after every game. Failure to do so can result in disciplinary action, such as fines or suspension. If there is an issue with a scorekeeper not allowing the review of a score sheet, you will need to notify the scheduler of the game date, time, and the scorekeeper involved.
Incident Reports IHONC officials are expected to file incident reports on this web site for every game misconduct, gross misconduct (PHA only), or match penalty they assess. This must be done within 48 hours of the game. For gross miscondunct (PHA only) or match penalties, contact the game scheduler first, and thenall game officials must file a report within 24 hours of the incident.
Canceled Games If a game is canceled without notice because of a rink defect, Zamboni failure, power failure, etc., the officials must notify the IHONC scheduler of the cancelation. They will be paid for the canceled game. If it was part of a block of several games, they will be paid only for the first canceled game.
Delayed Games If a game is substantially delayed (more than 30 minutes) for any reason, the officials must notify the IHONC scheduler of the issue (including exactly when the game was able to start/resume, if at all). Officials will receive extra compensation in such cases.
Respect for Other Officials IHONC officials are expected to display respect for other officials in all public situations, including while playing. IHONC officials will be held to a higher standard than other players with respect to Abuse of Official violations.
Tobacco Products E-Cigarettes and chewing tobacco are prohibitted in the referee locker room, on the ice, and in the rink facility in general. Violation of this policy can result in suspension.
Misconduct of Officials
Use of Web Site Use of this web site indicates your agreement to the policies described here. This web site must be used only for the purposes for which it was designed. Use of this web site in an unauthorized fashion, including viewing or changing data that is not intended to be accessible to you, will result in IHONC membership termination. The sharing of information on protected parts of the website is likewise prohibited. You are responsible for all use of the web site performed using your login and password, whether or not performed by you.
Disciplinary Action When issues arise regarding misconduct of officials, these issues will be referred to the IHONC President for investigation. When the IHONC President determines that misconduct may have occurred, it will be handled as follows. For a first offense, the IHONC President will assess warnings, suspensions, and/or limitations of assignments according to his judgment. For subsequent offenses, the IHONC President can convene and preside over a disciplinary board of three other IHONC officials not involved in the incident. The President and/or disciplinary board will have full powers to assess warnings, suspensions, or limitations of assignments according to their judgment, and will file a written report with the IHONC President and the officials and leagues involved.

If you have any questions about any of these policies, please contact the IHONC President, Todd Llewellyn.

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