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Equipment Purchase

Welcome IHONC Members to the Equipment Purchase Discount brought to you by The Referee's Closet.
The Referee's Closet will be offers a 10% discount on ALL ITEMS to the IHONC membership.  To receive this discount, please visit out site at, add the desired items into the shopping cart, and enter IHONC-CA anyplace the cart asks for the Discount Code (this could be either when the first item is added to the shopping cart OR when the payment information is requested during checkout).  Of course, if you feel more comfortable placing an order over the telephone, please call us at 877-333-7335 and mention the IHONC-CA discount.

In addition to the 10% discount, The Referee's Closet is offering the IHONC membership an additional 5% off all of our equipment packages (found at  The same IHONC-CA Discount Code mentioned above will automatically take the additional 5% off of any package entered into the shopping cart.

Please note that you must enter the IHONC-CA discount code into the shopping cart to receive the discount(s) OR mention the code if ordering by telephone.  We cannot guarantee that orders placed without this information will be properly discounted if the discount code is not provided at the time of the order.

All orders place from this page are processed directly through The Referee's Closet. In the event of any questions or concerns regarding orders placed through this page or program, please contact The Referee's Closet directly at 877-333-7335 or

Some notes about the arrangement between IHONC and The Referee's Closet:
  • IHONC recommends The Referee's Closet as a vendor of referee equipment, and is pleased to be able to provide this arrangement for its members. However, IHONC has no financial stake in this arrangement. IHONC does not subsidize your purchases from The Referee's Closet, nor does it receive any financial benefit from them.
  • Since The Referee's Closet is out of state, they do not collect CA sales tax.
  • The Referee's Closet has access to the IHONC roster in order to verify your eligibility for a discount. However, they have agreed not to use the roster for any other purpose.

If you have any questions about this arrangement, please contact Jim Nafus, owner of The Referee's Closet,

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