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Pacific Hockey Association

League Type:traveling adult
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Contact:Mike Benesh <> 510-865-5843
Rules:USA Hockey Rules
PHA Rules
Notes:The PHA has made a few changes to their rules. Please review and enforce now.
1. In case of a scrum/fight and a third man in penalty is issued, it will be listed as a Game Disqualification and the player is out of the remainder of that game only. If the player actively throws punches or interferes with the referee, then he should get a Game Misconduct, which carries a one game suspension.
2. Players need to have a jersey with a number on it. Tape will suffice until October 31st, when they are expected to have a regularly numbered jersey. On that date, no taped jerseys will be allowed.
3. Rosters. All Captains in the PHA have been sent out a demand email that they produce a team roster BEFORE the game is to start. If at game time, they have not, then the team is to be assessed a 5 minute bench minor penalty to be served by the player designated by the captain. If a goal is scored by the opponent during that time, then the penalty will be lifted and the team can resume play with 5 players.
4. If the game is an electronically entered game, and most should be from now on, and the referee wants to obtain information from the scorekeeper for an IHONC incident report, there are two ways to obtain that information. The referee can go home, send me an email and I will send him back a copy of that game sheet from Goalline, or he can have the scorekeeper bring the laptop to the referee area between games, where the referee can access all that games information. In the event a hard copy score sheet it used, then they can borrow the sheet from the scorekeeper and return it once they have culled the information needed for that report. All Referee reports need to be filed within 48hrs of the assignment.
5. If referee's want to see how a game misconduct or other type penalty was dealt with, they can go to the Goalline website thru the PHA website and hit the suspensions bar. It will list the suspended player, team and specific games that he is suspended from. The first example of this for this season will be last Sunday's (10/10) Grizzlies game.

Reminder! Chin straps and shoulder pads are required. If you do not enforce the safety rules, you will not officiate for the PHA!
Rinks Used:Cupertino Ice Center

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